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Tech Consulting

Every small business looks for a way to increase productivity regardless of its size or shape. A small business needs a team it can trust for direction in technology that is worthwhile. At CTU we strongly believe we are that perfect team. Our family of geeks are eager to get their hands dirty for you all day and night. Since we started working with small businesses back in 1998, we have contributed to many success stories. How do we measure success? If we provide a solution that helps you get the task done quicker with lesser chances of human error. Since every business is unique, so are their consulting needs. Because there are just too many services too list, refer to the list of anecdotes below for some of our highlighted consulting with small businesses.

CRM System:

A current client contacted us with a request. They had seven employees, most traveling constantly. They needed a system to store all of their client information. They needed something that is as powerful and comfortable as a desktop software yet available anywhere in the world. They needed this tool to have reminders, call logs, and customer details with reporting and printing options. After reviewing the details and talking about the possibilities with the client and their staff, we recommended a custom web based solution with the data located on a cloud. We have worked with our web developers and created an online portal with the unique fields and features. This portal, once in place, became the backbone of our client's system which we still to this day maintain and add features to enhance.

Network Storage:

A new client with a defective hard disk drive asked us to address two things. He wanted to make sure he wouldn't lose his data, and he also wanted a better way for swapping files at his office instead of using a USB stick. We suggested a network storage device made up of 2 x 1TB hard disk drives configured with Raid-1 (mirroring for data redundancy). Setup took less than an hour and he compliments us for gaining productivity, speed, and peace of mind ever since.

Custom Server with DVR:

An existing client needed a better way to manage his office data and access it remotely. He needed to be able to limit access to certain data and also run database engines required by two different programs he was using. During the process of migration to a better data sharing system, he was also interested in a surveillance system. After going over his requests, we recommended building a custom server which would provide him with database engine support and permission-based file sharing along with remote access over Internet. We built a powerful server, in addition to a DVR module in it. This way a single machine was able to serve our client.

VPN Network:

One of our current clients expanded his business with a second office which caused his network to split, and he found himself emailing files back and forth between the two locations. He needed to centralize these locations. We suggested installing VPN (virtual private network) routers at each location. These two devices would create a secure virtual network over an Internet connection creating one large network making all resources accessible to all users.

Surveillance Solution:

A new client wanted to equip his front desk person with a live picture of the business's entrance doorway enabling the employee to see who is outside before opening the door. He had an existing DVR system that would randomly go offline and not record. Upon inspection of the client's equipment and review of his needs, we suggested installing an outdoor camera and replacing the old DVR system. We split the video feed for the outdoor camera so a single wire could be connected to a front desk monitor and the other to the DVR system.

Email Management:

One of our current clients with every single gadget under the sun contacted us to ask for a better way to manage emails. He wanted to be able to organize them across all devices. We recommended using IMAP protocol in connection with switching to our hosting services. This would provide him with a large mailbox online which he could sort and organize from any of his devices. Since all devices would be accessing the mail on the cloud, it would also mean changes would apply to all machines configured with the IMAP protocol.